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sacrilege-absurdsite3Sacrilege started in 1984 after Damiam Thompson (guitar) and Tony May (bass) left The Varukers.

Together with the drummer Liam Pickering and the vocalist Lynda “Tam” Simpson, they recorded two demos and appeared on two compilations: “We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor” Lp (Mortarhate) and “Anglican Scrape Attic” 7” Flexi (a pre-Earache release).

They also played a few gigs with this first line-up, five in the whole: at Marcus Garvey Centre with Chumbawamba, The Sears, Instigators, etc…, no Scuntorpe Baths Hall com Chumbawaba and Karma Sutra, at Stourbridge Mere supporting The Sears and Indecente Assault, London Ambulance Station Squat with Dirt e Antisect and with Concrete Sox at the Notthingam Adrimal Ducan Pub.

After replacing drummer Pickering with Andy Baker, Sacrilege recorded their first album, “Behind the Realms of Madness”, in 1985 and in 1987 the album “Within the Prophecy”.

Sacrilege underwent a significant line-up changes in 1989 they recorded their third and last album “Turn Back Trilobite”, that showed the band moving away from their punk roots but  their music stayed strong and remarkable. Sacrilege split up quietly in the early 1990s.

Sacrilege is today recognized as an important band; both as an influence on later heavy/doom metal bands as well as prototype to the later hardcore-crust scene.  Recently  (June 2014) the band has announced its return with the same line-up that has recorded “Turn Back Trilobite” : Lynda Tam Simpson (vocals),Damian Thompson (Guitar),Frank Healy (Bass),Spike T Smith (Drums). Unfortunately due some divergences between members and ex-members, all material released after “Turn Back Trilobite” (including the Absurd Records ones) are now considered as bootlegs by the present band members…

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