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Active in the underground scene from Osasco city/São Paulo since the first half of the 80’s, Mendigo (guitar), Marcelo (vocal), Rogers “Babú” (bass) and Júlio (drums) started with ROT in October of 1990 making use of the experience they have accumulated from other bands and projects as well, as from the mail exchange (very important activity  before the internet boom) and in the involvement  with concerts, fanzines and tape trading.

Always very connected to the most  newest noisy bands in the worldwide underground, the band sound developed very quickly and got the whole impact and influence from what everyone in the band were listening to on that time of transformations, radicalization and extremism in punk-hardcore and in death-thrash.

Lyrics were always an important part and stood out for being written in a very personal way of seeing things around, many times with a very sceptical and pessimist  tone. That first line up remained together for a bit more than one year and after Babú and Júlio left the band in the end of 1991, Mendigo and Marcelo had to find new members to continue and  this became a constant situation over the years.  Even with these line-up changes, the band kept active anyway: playing in many gigs, releasing and distributing their records through independent labels all over the world.

Also, for three times between 1996 and 2002, they toured over Europe, which gave them the possibility to know about the scene and culture of countries such as: Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

In 2008, for various reasons, the band split up or took a time for a breath! After four inactive years, they got together for some beers, conversations, tests and practices that resulted in the return to the concerts in 2013 with the following line-up:

Mendigo (guitar) – Marcelo (vocal) – Rafael (drums) – Alex “bucho” (bass) – Marcolino (vocal)

•site: www.rot-official.com

•video: stone cold walls

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