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agathocles-absurdsite1 – It’s been six years since the first time Agathocles toured over South America including Brazil. It took almost a whole month. What were your impressions about it? Especially about Brazil. Not only about the gigs you played, but other interesting things you think it worth mentioning of your time here.

JAN: First time we toured in Brazil was in 2007, the last part of a long south american tour. We loved all of it. It was great to meet so many old and new friends and was amazing to see different parts of Brazil. We were lucky that it was summer at that time in Brazil, so we had nice weather. My impressions were great. Brazil people are very warmhearted which made us feel home when we were travelling there.

2 – In 2008, “Grind is Protest” was released. A clear statement against all that mindless nonsense that was getting very big in those days. It’s been five years now. How do you see the grindcore scene nowadays? Same feeling? Or if there were some considerable changes in your opinion, were they for the better or for their worse?

JAN: A lot has been changed in “GRIND”. So many bands that play “GRIND” now are playing extreme death metal, which is not my definition of grind. All has become too mainstream, polished, clean and technical. For me, grindcore still is raw noise punk played very fast with socially and pollitically aware attitude. I do miss this in todays “grind” scene.

3 – “Destruir Para Criar” 7″ will be released here very soon. Tell us about this material.

JAN: It’s a mix of studiosongs from 2012. Some songs were already released on some rare records, some are unreleased. I guess it has around 9 songs in total.

5 – Still talking about records…We know you’re a hardcore / noisemaniac. So please, Jan, your words about these five records below:

JAN: – Terveet Kädet – Ääretön Joulu: Awww, such a brilliant record from 1982. TK from Finland RULES !!! This 7″ has the classic song “PISSA JA PASKAA” on it. Lovely. TK have always been one of my fave bands and we are lucky that in early 2014, there will be an AG/TERVEET KADET split 7″.

– Brigada do Ódio 7″: I only have there split LP which was an eyeopener for me. BDO fucking rules !!! Pioneers of raw grind/noise punk. I have to look for this 7″ when we are in Brazil.

– Impact – Solo Odio lp: Another classic band ! I was happy to meet the drummer of IMPACT 2 years ago, when we played in Italy. He was doing a DJ-set after the gig. IMPACT is also the band who made one of the first “grind” songs. Just check out “RIBELLI PER LA MODA, RIBELLI PER NIENTE”. CLASSIC.

– Vorkriegsphase – Scheiss Krieg 7″: Uff, another one of my fave records. VORKRIEGSPHASE is total chainsaw guitar buzz noise punk from Germany. Together with their LP “Auf im den Tod”, one of the best records ever made in Germany.

– Nihilistics first lp: Haha, and again one of my fave records. Total angry and pissed off raw hardcore from USA. I love their lyrics. Together with their first 7″, the best stuff they have recorded. And they are still playing !!! GREAT.

6 – That’s right, Jan! Tell us what are the plans to Agathocles right now and a final message to the brazilian readers.

JAN: Obrigado to all people in Brazil for the years of support and appreciation. That really does it for us. It’s so great to know we got many friends over there. And a big big thanx to Alex and Borella and all people involved in getting us back in Brazil in 2013. So much appreciated. About our plans, haha, just keeping up the noise ! MINCE ON.


•interview by Rafael Soares de Oliveira  ( september/octuber 2013) 

•site: www.agathocles.com

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